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PURPOSE: The Rossville Baseball / Softball Summer Recreational League (RBSSRL) is dedicated to the principle of providing the opportunity for all children in the Rossville area to play baseball / softball in a competitive, fair and safe atmosphere.

PARENTS CODE OF CONDUCT: Parents / Guardians are the ultimate role models for their children and are expected to support the principles of good sportsmanship and fair play.

Parents are to ensure their child arrives on time and ready to play for all practices and games.

Parents are expected to be supportive of the players and not engage in argumentative behavior with players, coaches, umpires or league board members. Parents will not use foul language.

The use of tobacco products and consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited at all team functions, including practices, games, etc.

PLAYERS CODE OF CONDUCT: All players are expected to show respect to other players, coaches, umpires and league board members both on and off the field.

Players are not to engage in any arguments with other players, coaches or umpires during games or practices.

Players will be held responsible for any equipment damaged due to abuse. Players shall respect all equipment and abuse of any equipment will not be tolerated.